When to get your pedicures done?

In order to get a pedicle done properly and effectively, you need to know what to expect and when.It’s not always easy to do the job, but this is where a pedicularist can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being.Pedicures are one of the most common procedures […]

How to get a pedicurist near you

You’ve got to be willing to pay a lot to get this pedicurgist near your door.But here are some things to consider before you commit to an expensive service.The price: Pedicurists in Australia can expect to pay about $200 for a routine visit, but some have said the prices they […]

How to get the most out of your pedicures

I have spent the last few months getting my pedicuries done. I love my pedis and they have been very helpful in my routine.I do not feel that the prices of my pedicles are worth it, however.There are many things that can be done to help your pedics stay affordable. If you […]

How I use my manicure to save money

I’ve been working on my manicures for the past couple of years.As a result, my skin has gotten a lot softer.And, I’m getting to the point where I feel comfortable using a pedicurist.So, why does this work for me?The first step is to understand the difference between what you’re actually […]

What’s the best Christmas pedicures around the world?

With holiday season in full swing, luxury pedics are taking to the streets with some impressive and downright hilarious creations.From expensive pedicurists with elaborate decorations, to the less-expensive ones who just use a cheap, disposable paintbrush and paint the skin on a piece of paper, we’ve compiled a list of […]

How to clean your hands after a manicure

People with manicures have been asking us about how to clean their hands after using the latest manicure gadgets.Some of us even use them ourselves, and most of us have not been told how to properly clean them.We have come up with a checklist of the best hand cleaning methods […]