How to buy a manicure at the spa?

The cheapest manicures can cost as little as $20 per hour at the salon.But that is not a good deal for most of us, especially if you are not a fan of having manicures done in public.┬áIf you have allergies or other sensitivities, then your best bet is to go […]

How to save on pedicures in London

When it comes to pedicurists, London is a city of mystery.Here’s how to get the best out of your time with them.1.Ask about the price tag Pedicures can vary in price depending on which area you go to, but some have been cheaper than others.For the best price, you can […]

Why your toddler needs to have a home pedicurist

You’ve just discovered a toddler who has to spend the next two weeks at home with a pediatrician.You’ve put them through a series of tests to ensure they are healthy.But there’s one more step that needs to happen before you can make an appointment.You need to make sure that they’re […]

When is a pedicle necessary?

An article by Ars Technic’s Sam Biddle about how to give your pedicures a more “realistic” look in the future.The article is an interesting take on pedicurists’ views, but it does make a few key points.First, there’s no magic formula to giving pedicues the look that you want.There are a […]

The Best Things to Wear for Your Pink Pedicure Set

Pedicures are now becoming increasingly popular with the general public.In addition to being popular for their beauty and comfort, they’re becoming more fashionable with the increasing number of pedicures that are popping up on the market.There are several brands that offer pedicurals, but there are a few brands that make […]