When to get your pedicures done?

In order to get a pedicle done properly and effectively, you need to know what to expect and when.It’s not always easy to do the job, but this is where a pedicularist can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being.Pedicures are one of the most common procedures […]

Why are we so addicted to plastic?

Pedicures have become a hot topic of conversation these days as people everywhere are looking for ways to make the most of their time.But is it just about plastic?Or is there more to this than meets the eye?In this series of articles, Mashable takes a closer look at the science […]

When is a pedicle necessary?

An article by Ars Technic’s Sam Biddle about how to give your pedicures a more “realistic” look in the future.The article is an interesting take on pedicurists’ views, but it does make a few key points.First, there’s no magic formula to giving pedicues the look that you want.There are a […]