How to choose the best fish pedicured near you

It’s easy to get confused when it comes to choosing a pedicurist near you.But if you’re looking for a new fish pedigreed, there are a few tips you can use to make your decision easier.1.Know where to lookFirst, you need to know where to find your fish.Fish pedicuring is available […]

How to choose a pedicurist near you

A lot of us are at the mercy of our local pedicurs.And while we can try a few different pedicures in our local area, it’s usually a bad idea to just buy a cheap one, says Dr. Robert Tylor, a Toronto-based health consultant.The reason is simple: The quality of a […]

How to get rid of the dumber things in your life

NEW YORK — A few years ago, I was watching a PBS documentary about the rise of dumber, more fashionable things.I thought, Wow, I have to have a dumber haircut.Dumber things were everywhere.Dumber shoes.Drier hair.Dried hair.I felt like a total nerd, and so I went to a barber shop and […]

Which are the best pedicures?

Updated July 25, 2018 12:19:37 When you walk into a spa, you might be tempted to pick up the usual suspects.But you might also be tempted by a few brands that have more unique twists on traditional treatments.One such brand is L’OrĂ©al.It has been using facial masks and hand sanitizer […]