Why do kids need a pedicurist?

By Katerina KohnstamThe parents of a boy who has been left with a severely damaged spine, including his left arm, say they are angry and frustrated.A week after a family doctor left the boy with a broken back, he is now waiting to hear back from the Pedicurists of the […]

Kidney surgery: A new tool to help you stay healthy

NEW YORK — Kidney surgery is often considered a “last resort” for patients with chronic kidney disease, but it’s a more natural, and effective, way to heal a damaged or inflamed organ.The kidney is an organ that’s a living breathing organ, with many different parts that it can damage, especially […]

Male Pedicure Chair Reviews for Summer 2018

If you’re looking for a new male pedicures chair, you’ll want to check out these cool designs.The designs include a reclining chair that’s not only comfortable but stylish too.The chair also features an adjustable height so you can sit comfortably.The design has a cushioned cushion so it won’t slip around […]

How to get a kids pedicular chair

I don’t know how you’re going to use it, but I’m glad you asked.There are two ways to get it, which I’ve explained here.I have a small one that is about two inches wide, and it fits under my foot.You could put it on your toe and put a shoe […]

Which color are you most likely to see?

There are several shades of pink that children and adults can wear, but pink is most commonly associated with baby shoes.But what is a pink pedicurist doing wearing a baby seat in the first place?It’s not just a fashion choice, it’s a matter of aesthetics.It’s the color of the baby […]

Pedicure Ideas – From Traditional to Modern: A Beginner’s Guide

Pedicures have been an important part of Indian society since the earliest days of the Hindu god Vishnu. While they have long been considered essential to a healthy lifestyle, the latest trend in pedicures is the creation of virtual councils to cater to people with different dietary needs. In many cases, virtual consultations with an online therapist, or […]