How to get cheap pedicures near me

The Indian city of Mumbai, a place where you can walk past skyscrapers and drive on busy roads, has become the epicentre of a craze for affordable, natural pedicurings.Pedicures are available on demand for just a few hundred rupees ($6.80).Some people wear them while others buy them in bulk to […]

How to get the best pedicures

Pedicures can be a great way to relax and cleanse the joints.However, the term ‘pedicures’ also has a certain stigma attached to it, and in the UK, many doctors are hesitant to prescribe them because of the associated concerns that they will lead to a reduction in quality of life.In […]

How to make your own French pedicures

A pedicurist in Paris can make a full French pedicle, a thin, elastic rubber strip attached to the back of the leg, according to a new book by the French magazine Le Journal de L’Oiseau.French pedicurus also use a similar approach to the U.K.’s “spinning” rubber band, which has been […]