Jets trade for Pedicure Near Me?

NEW YORK — The New York Jets are expected to acquire Pedicures Near Me, a company that supplies pedicures to teams for players and staff.The Jets’ new team owner, Woody Johnson, said Tuesday that the team was going to acquire pedicurists to supply its teams with their new equipment.Pedicures near […]

How to find fall pedicures and pedicurists in the US

More than 100 countries have a national law that prohibits the sale of all artificial nails, hair products and other artificial or synthetic materials, including those that are manufactured by or marketed by a company that manufactures or sells artificial nails or hair products, the World Health Organization said on […]

The future of pedicures may be a bit messy

Pedicures are already the standard of care for many people, and now a company in Germany is hoping to revolutionize the way they are delivered, by creating a new type of implant that will deliver a specially formulated cocktail of hormones to treat a variety of conditions.The company, called Moxil, […]