What’s the best Christmas pedicures around the world?

With holiday season in full swing, luxury pedics are taking to the streets with some impressive and downright hilarious creations.

From expensive pedicurists with elaborate decorations, to the less-expensive ones who just use a cheap, disposable paintbrush and paint the skin on a piece of paper, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most eye-catching creations around the globe.

The best Christmas gift you’ll ever receive?

The one you really wanted, but never got.

The most expensive Christmas gift that you’ll receive, for a reason.

The one that you’re never going to get, because you’re too busy having fun and getting a new set of socks or shoes.

The ones that you’ve never given anyone a reason to buy, but the person you really want them to buy it for.

The one you just want to share with someone who you think will love it.

The thing that you love the most about yourself, but are afraid others won’t like.

The thing that everyone you know has a secret wish.

The only thing you’ll never get, and the one you’ll be looking forward to spending money on for years to come.

The only thing that’s truly perfect, and that’s exactly what you want for your entire life.

The person you’ve always wanted to be, but who you’ve been so afraid you’ll hate you.

The reason you’re not alone.

The gift you’d give to a loved one, if only for the chance to spend a few more days together.

The first thing you did without thinking.

The most important thing you ever did.

The gift you’re most excited to give to someone.

The things that you want to wear for the holidays, but you’re afraid to.

The way you look.

The way you smell.

The things that make you want everything you do to change.

The gifts that make your family and friends so happy.

The time you’ve spent together and you’ll always be proud of.

The biggest regret of your life.

A gift that makes you smile and makes you laugh.

The next best thing you’ve ever received.

The life-changing gift you can’t even describe.

The item you’re going to cherish for the rest of your lives.

The coolest gift you’ve received.

This one you never thought you’d want, but it’s something you’ve got to share.

The perfect gift for someone who will always be your best friend.

The moment you’re looking forward too much to give.

The new toy you’ll need for the holiday season.

The original thing you bought for Christmas, and you’re so excited about it.

The very first thing to ever change your life, and now it’s just as important as the previous year.

The last thing you’re ever going to buy.

The latest and greatest gift you have, and never expected to ever need.

The second gift you want, and it’ll be something you’re glad you had in the first place.

The newest gift you never expected you would ever get, but which you have been dying to get for years.

The funniest thing you have ever heard.

The weirdest thing you will ever hear, and which you never knew was going to happen.

The year you wish you could give someone a Christmas gift, and then they will never forget it.