Why do kids need a pedicurist?

By Katerina KohnstamThe parents of a boy who has been left with a severely damaged spine, including his left arm, say they are angry and frustrated.

A week after a family doctor left the boy with a broken back, he is now waiting to hear back from the Pedicurists of the World, an organisation that supports parents of children with spinal injuries.

The boy, now six, had suffered a dislocated right hip from a fall while playing in the garden at home.

His mother and brother were on holiday in Portugal when they saw him, but the family said they did not want to go to see him.

The child’s father, who has not been named, told news.com.au he did not have a problem with his son playing with his brother and sister at home, but wanted to see his son.

“I wanted to do something for him,” he said.

“It was only when I got home and saw him on the TV I realised that he needed to have surgery.”

The family says they do not want any money for the operation, which is not covered by health insurance, and did not ask the Pedics for any money.

“The Pedicurs of the world has no idea how much they are paid and I do not know how much I have to pay them,” the father said.

Mr Kohnstra is not a medical doctor and did an online survey of parents to find out their thoughts on whether or not they should hire a pedician.

He said his son had a broken left arm which had not healed properly and required a spinal reconstruction.

“He needs help, but they [the Pedicurers] have no idea what he needs,” Mr Kohnstal said.

He was frustrated by the fact that Pedicures of the Worlds did not cover the cost of the operation.

“My son has a broken arm and he has to do surgery,” he told News24.

“They are just asking me to pay for it and to see them again.”

Mr Kouns said the PedICurs of World has been contacted by parents who are in financial difficulty.

“We are talking about families who cannot afford to pay, families who are struggling and need help,” he added.

“When you see a child like this, you have to look for other solutions.”

If they want to see a doctor, we would help them.

“The PedICurists is not the only organisation that is concerned about the growing demand for spinal surgery in Australia.

In the past five years, a total of 7,700 patients have needed spinal surgery, and more than 2,000 of those have been children.

The Pediatric Surgical Society of Australia (PSSA) has received a total $15 million to $18 million in federal and state funding for spinal surgeries.

A number of organisations and medical professionals have voiced concerns about the increase in the demand for such procedures in recent years.

The Australian Pediatric Society of Canada (APSCC) estimates that there is an additional 1,500 people needing spinal surgery every year.”

While many parents and families may feel their child is not in a position to receive a surgical intervention, it is important to note that many are unable to access an affordable spinal surgery because of the financial and physical barriers to doing so,” the APSCC said in a statement.”

There are several key barriers to accessing a spinal surgery.


The costs of this include hospitalisation, the risk of complications, and long wait times, as well as the financial burden of additional cost of care for parents and their children.”