What the new LG G6 looks like and sounds like in pictures

Posted September 27, 2018 09:01:33This is a bit confusing for many people, but in short, LG is giving us the new G6 and G6 Plus in three new colors: gray, black, and red.

The latter two are also available in two other colors: white and yellow.

The G6 is one of the few LG phones to offer a fingerprint sensor on the back, but it’s not the only fingerprint sensor option.

We’ve also got the ability to customize the display to show the time, calendar, and notifications, and the display is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, up from the 835 found in the LG G5.

This is one phone that you should be able to get your hands on in September.

The new LG LG G 6 and G 6 Plus are both available in the US for $399 and $499, respectively.

You can read our full review here.LG has made an effort to differentiate the new phones with its new design language.

In the past, we’ve seen a lot of LG phones sporting a more traditional look, but the new look on the G6 will be different from its predecessors.

The back of the phone features an “open” design that can be customized with more or less shapes, textures, and colors.

The display, too, is designed with open-pill technology, which lets the display respond to the user’s touch.

The new phones also have an LG Display Pro technology that lets users tweak the display color, contrast, brightness, and more, to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the LG phones, and a new Quick Charge 3.0 port.LG also updated the LG Home button, which is a capacitive button with a more subtle “clicky” feel.

You’ll notice that LG also added a shortcut button that’s hidden behind the display.

The LG G4 is LG’s first smartphone to feature an “artificial intelligence” (AI) system that allows the smartphone to perform tasks.

AI helps the device understand how users interact with it and makes it better at predicting when they might need to make a change.

The LG G3 also included a “smart assistant” feature that helped users perform tasks, but AI wasn’t included on the LG-made G5 or G6.LG’s new phones all have 4G LTE connectivity, but we didn’t get a chance to test that feature out.

LG also included an optional LTE Band 12 in the G5 and G4, which allows users to download data and other applications via the phone’s SIM card.

LG has said that the Band 12 will be available on the next G6 phone, which will be announced later this month.

The newest LG phones also come with a new fingerprint sensor that lets you unlock the phone by simply touching it.

There are three different colors available, and you can change the colors of the sensor based on your preference.LG introduced its fingerprint sensor technology to its smartphone lineup last year with the G4.

The technology has been refined over the past couple of years and LG says that the new technology is more secure than ever before.

The fingerprint sensor was designed with security in mind, with a sensor that’s designed to detect if a user is using a password.

LG says the sensor is only exposed to the area surrounding the sensor, so you won’t be able unlock the device by touching it while the device is in use.

The fingerprint sensor is also a new feature on the latest LG phones.

LG introduced a fingerprint reader on the right side of the screen, which has a dedicated fingerprint reader button.

This fingerprint reader can be configured to perform the following functions: unlock the display, start or resume the display when you make a phone call, access notifications, access contacts, and view phone photos.

You can read more about the fingerprint reader and its functions in our full LG G8 review.

The sensor can be activated via a dedicated button on the bottom of the G8, or via a special setting menu in the settings.

There is also an IR sensor on both the front and the back of each phone.LG recently updated its Android smartphones with some of the company’s biggest software updates in a while, and it looks like the LG team has also made some changes to the software experience.

LG is no longer selling the G2 with Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5.0 Lollipop, but Android 5 (KitKat) and Lollipop are now available for the LG E5 and LG E6.

LG recently updated the software for the phones, too.