“I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit biased” – Pedicure tool company to sell Israeli-made products at Home Depot

Israel’s pedicurists and orthopedic surgeons are making the home décor industry a bit more affordable and trendy, as a result of a $300 million investment by Home Depot and its Israeli parent company.

The Israeli company, B.V., said Tuesday that it will sell a new series of pedicures, orthopedics, implants and other products at its Home Depot stores nationwide.

Israel’s government has been a major source of investment for the sector, investing in infrastructure, technology, research and technology, and healthcare.

But Home Depot said the Israeli company’s pedicle products are better suited to home care than its rivals.

“Home Depot is proud to support the Israeli pedicurb industry and offer new products that are suitable for home use,” a Home Depot spokesperson said in a statement.

Home Depot said its new products will be sold at the Home Depot retail stores, and the company will be selling them through Home Depot’s website and online store.

In a statement, Home Depot also noted that the company’s home care business grew to $10 billion last year, with over 5 million homes being serviced.

This year, Home to Home has been sold to Kroger for $2.8 billion.

For now, the new Israeli products will go to the Home to School program, which provides discounted pedicurships to students in grades K-8.

According to the Israeli government, Israel’s overall healthcare costs have risen by 11% over the past three years, from $1,735 per capita to $1.937.

Despite the growth in the Israeli sector, the Israeli economy remains stagnant, as it has been for decades.

Over the past 20 years, Israeli GDP per capita has grown at an average annual rate of just 1.8%, and Israeli healthcare spending has been flat at less than $1 billion annually.