How to buy white pedicures

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If your child is allergic to the product, you should not use it. 2.

If a child has a history of breathing problems, the product should not be used.


Children with asthma should avoid this product.


If an allergy has been reported and the allergy is not resolved, call your physician for testing.


If the product has been used in children with respiratory distress, use with caution.


If it is in contact with eyes, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Use a gentle cleanser for any other contact with this product, such as clothing or pets.


Children under 12 years of an age may not use this product on their eyes, mouth, or genitals.


The products safety data sheet, which contains all of the information you need to properly use this products product, is available at 9.

Always wash your face, neck, arms, hands, and legs thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.

Do not use a scrubber, soap machine, or other abrasive product.


The product may not be worn or handled by children younger than 18 years old.


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