India to cut off supplies of beauty products due to rising COVID-19, report says

India will begin cutting off supplies to many beauty products for its residents in the next three weeks due to the rise in COVID – the coronavirus that has swept the country.

The government announced on Thursday that the supply of cosmetics products would be suspended to the extent that there is no need for the sale of them, but it has not yet specified when.

“All cosmetics products in stock will be suspended for three weeks.

This is the first such order in India in two decades,” the health ministry said in a statement.

It added that it will begin “temporarily” limiting the sale and use of some cosmetics products, which have been available for sale in shops in the past.

The health ministry also said that it would begin the process of freezing certain cosmetics products which will be shipped to the country by carriers.

While India’s total COVID burden is estimated at 5,200 deaths, the ministry has said that more than 50,000 people have died in the country as a result of the coronavalavirus.

India has seen a sharp rise in cases in recent days, with more than 100,000 deaths.