Pedicure is safe to use, service provider says

Dublin city services are using the opportunity to give people a little more peace of mind with their pedicures, with the services introducing a new app to help them get them done in less time.

Dublin City Council said the new app will be launched this week and will be available for download on iPhone and iPad.

It will allow people to get pedicured without leaving home.

The app will allow users to access information and access to health services from any device, from their mobile phone to the internet.

It is being rolled out at the City of Dublin, City of Mayo, County Mayo, and Wicklow and will include all services in the city of Dublin.

There will also be an online hub for the app to be used by people on the go.

In addition, there will be a dedicated website for people to download the app and to get advice and guidance from the staff on their pedicalure.

The app is expected to help people who do not want to travel or need to take time off work to have a pedicalare.