How to fall pedics in the fall: How to make sure you don’t get crushed

The most common fall injury to sports players is a patella tendon rupture.

This injury can be caused by too much pressure on the tendon or a bad fall, or by falling off the edge of a high cliff.

But how to avoid this is another story.

The following tips can help you avoid injuries in fall: Don’t fall into a crevice or hole, and don’t try to move yourself out of the crevice.

Don’ t try to grab onto a rope or a piece of wood with your feet.

If you fall on a fallen tree or a rock, make sure the rope doesn’t hit you.

Get help from a medical professional when you have trouble breathing or breathing through your nose.

Make sure you can hold on to your feet and keep them in a good position.

Always try to hold your fall in a positive light.

Don’t fall too hard.

Stay on the ground, keep your arms and legs stretched and don’ t fall to the ground or into a hole.

Keep your feet in the air, and if you can’t hold on, put your hands under your arms to help you stay on your feet as much as possible.