A massage chair with a penis

Pedicures have long been an essential part of male grooming, and now the men who use them can get their hands on some pretty nifty products.

A new product from the company Pedicure Pictures is designed to do just that.

The company claims it will make men’s grooming easier and safer by allowing them to choose which parts of their bodies are groomed, and when.

The product includes a massage chair and other accessories designed to allow men to use a penis on their hands.

 Pedicure is a California-based company that makes massage equipment and other personal grooming products, including hair and body scrubs, toothbrushes, and nail polish removers.

The site also sells grooming products such as nail polish brushes, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and hand lotions.

Pedicurist James Smith, founder of the company, told Business Insider he hopes the product will help men find new ways to express their masculinity.

“The fact that you can get your hands on a chair with an actual penis in it is pretty awesome,” Smith said.

“It is the next step.”

Smith said that if his company is successful, the company will have “hundreds of thousands” of products that it plans to sell within the next two years.

It will also have products that are marketed to men that are “just the right size for them, with the right comfort, and are affordable,” he said.

Smith said the company plans to offer products that look and feel “like a penis.”

He said the chairs he will sell will be designed to be compatible with the type of body hair and skin that is often groomed in the men’s room, and that the products will be made from non-toxic materials that will last for many years.

Pedialurist William Lee also said the products he sells are made with non-comedogenic materials that are not intended to be used by people with sensitive skin.

He said the new product has the potential to make men feel better about their bodies and the men they groom them.

When asked if he is looking forward to selling the product, Lee said he was not sure how long he was looking forward.

“I haven’t had a chance to think about it,” he told Business Ink.

“We’re trying to find the right company and do it right.”

The company has not yet made a release date for the product.

The product has been designed to fit men’s hands and can be used on a variety of body parts, from the head to the neck.

According to Pedicurse Pictures, the product comes in two versions.

One version will include a full-size penis, while the other will include only a “small” penis.

Lee said the penis he plans to market is “the same size as a man’s hand.”

He did not give specific examples, but the product can be a lot thinner and shorter than a real penis, making it more manageable for men to put their hands inside of it.

One thing to note, according to the company’s website, is that the company doesn’t sell the product in a vacuum.

In the future, Pedicute Pictures hopes to launch a line of other products that would include “other natural body products, like body oils, creams, and hair care products.”

The Pedicuum Pictures website also offers a short video on the product that can be viewed below: